DreemCool patent pending Comforter

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Founded by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Scott Quinn.

In discussions with patients, I found there are a great number of people who need to sleep with their legs uncovered and/or would overheat at night.  I also suffered waking up from overheating, waking up sweating several times every night.  I would wake from being too hot, then have to kick off the covers to cool off, then get cold and put them back on, then an hour later hot again and repeat this cycle, never getting that full deep sleep. No matter what I tried, that was my sleep routine.

I personally tried countless sleep products that claimed to be “cooling” but found these to all be false claims as none actually worked. So, I developed DreemCoolTM with the aim of helping ‘free leg’ and ‘hot’ sleepers overcome these problems to get better sleep.

The first night I tried it I was amazed to sleep through the entire night!

I never wake up anymore from being too hot. NO more sweating! I don’t want to sleep with anything else now.

It 100% works for me and I’m sure it will be beneficial to so many others with the same sleep issues.

DreemCoolTM patent pending Comforter is Made in the USA To Provide You With The Very Best Quality

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